Welcome to Georgie Somerset of the South Burnett region, QLD. Farmer and consumate communicator, an Inspirational Woman.

“I have always loved words – I wrote my first chapter book in about year 5 – and after falling into working in tourism marketing and promotions, I developed a knack for working with the media and also studied freelance journalism. We live an hour from town on a beef cattle property, so all my work is remote – I did commute to work on the local regional paper (96km one way) which was my “on the ground” experience – but my fax was my best friend before the internet came into our lives in 1996!

GSfloodAnd so has evolved a life of communicating, and in particular providing urban media with rural messages – rural tourism, rural events, individual stories, rural issues and policy gaps. Along the way, I have been asked to speak the words publicly – to inspire or inform, to educate and to listen. And I get involved – living where we live; you know there isn’t someone else to take up the cause for you! When you get involved, doors open,opportunity beckons, and you meet the most amazing, inspiring and great people.

Over the past twenty years, my networking has allowed me to take rural causes to Prime Ministers and Premiers, Ministers and heads of departments. I have spoken live on radio and tv, to urban and rural media and to small and large groups in the city and the bush.

Georgie SomersetLiving in an isolated environment gives me time to form my words, to find some space. Travel time gives me quietness to formulate thoughts and plans. Do I ever feel isolated? Yes, but I also feel intensely connected to so many, and now through social media, to even more.

A rural community relies on its networks, and my community is just a little bigger than the average person! Networking enables me to find solutions, connecting people with like minds and ideas. I love hearing the results of this cross fertilisation – often across industries, sectors and sometimes even interstate or overseas.

QRRRWN, the Qld Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network, has been a big part of my life, as it enables me to network women across Queensland, learn from others and pass on my skills. So here on the farm, I work outside, especially when cattle work is on, I am responsible for the financial management side of our business, and I am a director of not for profit and government boards. I volunteer in our community, and I am a wife and mother.

GSmusteringWhat I couldn’t do without is my network – those near and far – they give my life a richness I am constantly thankful for and support me in my many roles. Sometimes I think space and distance enables better communication – I have to be thoughtful about just how much I can do, how little time I have to do it in and how effective I need to be.”