As an author it can be difficult to garner reviews and when they are received quite often we wish for a more positive tone. Unlike the silver screen, excellent book reviews do not automatically equate to healthy sales figures and in the end let’s face it they are merely someone else’s opinion. Yet society in general appears to place great store on the opinions of others when it comes to selecting and then talking about the merits of any creative work, and publishing house marketing department’s love a good review. Reviews equal publicity of the unpaid kind and with the bottom line the deciding factor between many a renewed book contract reviews remain an important part of the publishing process.

If you spend months slogging away at a project, giving up ‘normal life’ in the pursuit of your craft, publication is reward enough for many writers, payment an added bonus for many. For me a good review is the icing on the cake, and so for me I was particularly pleased when the reviews for Absolution Creek came through. The highlight was an interview with Time Magazine International. Please share my excitement with the following selection:

‘Absolution Creek stands out… an epic.’ – The RM Williams Outback Magazine.

‘Another great story from a great storyteller.’ – Blue’s Country Magazine.

‘[Absolution Creek] is elegantly written and an emotionally haunting novel’. – Time International .

‘[Absolution Creek] is amazing’. – The Hoopla Magazine

‘[Nicole Alexander] understands the pioneers’ struggles’. – Sunday Territorian Darwin.