TomTomorrow it’s Goondiwndi and Stanthorpe left for the QLD run and then back to real life next week. After a run of engagements last week I headed home on saturday, spent sunday on the couch and then it was straight into cattle work-with a lawn mowing job thrown in. The main homestead garden is a 1.5 hour job on the sit-down with the inevitable garden beds, low hanging branches, stone pavers and ground level taps to manouver around ! The calf branding program continues-yes we’re terribly delayed due to the end of year wet weather and then the flood, mix that up with the oats sowing programme which is curently in full swing and sharing our usual contractors with neighbours – not to mention Nicole galivanting around the countryside and you get the picture. There was a mad rush to obtain oat seed after discovering that not only our seed but our neighbours as well wasn’t germinating due to the wet weather and the high incidence of a fungus known as rust(despite repeated spraying). On the cattle side the animals have been suffering from an infestation of Buffalo Fly- a nasty biting variation of the common home grown ‘Louie’. Everything-calves, cows, bulls etc must be backlined to keep these irritating insects away. One application and the flies scatter in mass clouds. Closer to home David is busy doing his ‘headless’ chook impersonation – his words, not mine, as he readies for cotton harvest in a fortnight or so. It’s been a terrifically busy month for everyone. Certainly not the best time to go on tour however with the publication date for A Changing Land brought forward from April to March by my publisher and many bookstores, including flooded areas requesting events it seemed best to go with the program. My thanks to my parents and David for their ongoing support.