Bow wave from the Quad

The Boomi River cut us off a day ago. I’d already moved my vehicle out on Sat-and everyone else followed suit yesterday driving their 4WDs through the floodwater ( including over this little bridge-our main access out). Somehow I didn’t think my x-trail would appreciate a flooding & I’m more an SES handbook girl. With my work 4WD over at the main homestead I moved my vehicle about ten km’s up the road yesterday managing to get through the floodwater which had jumped the main road between Boomi and Mungindi. It’s now winding its way towards our chick peas. We’ve got about 2000 acres under so far. Luckily the cultivations were being fallowed for sorghum and there are no stock on the grass paddocks either. The weather guru’s have been predicting rain for the last two days so far nothing has eventuated. It sounds like a frog concert outside and the mozzies and sandflies are starting to arrive. It’s not looking too great for our pre-cotton sow/pre-wheat harvest/lets have a party now on the long weekend before David’s too busy irrigating in Dec party. Guess we’ll have to make a decision in the next few days-at the moment I can’t see us ferrying in food and drinks through this water. 

Boomi River Sept 2010